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OTA Experts

Online Travel Agencies like Viator® now account for up to 70% or more of vendor tickets for activity companies in tourist destinations. If you want more bookings from them, we can help.

OTA stands for Online Travel Agencies, like Viator and Get Your Guide, the two we work with. If you're not one of their  preferred booking vendors, don't worry... we can get you there. And if you're already preferred, we'll not only maintain what you've got, but work hard to increase your bookings! We meet regularly with Viator & GYG representatives to optimize your position amount the competition, and do whatever it takes to try and fill every seat. 


With over 40 years combined experience in tourist destination activity marketing, brand creations, competitive analysis, advertising, web design, graphics, copywriting, we know exactly how to get your more bookings, right now. Just click here for a free half-hour consultation, where we can show you exactly how do it, no obligation. At the very least you'll learn some of our secrets :-)


In the third quarter of 2023, Viator notched $1.1 billion in gross booking value, the same amount Viator did in the second quarter. “Our position as the global leader in experiences continues to strengthen,” CEO Matthew Goldberg said.

Get Your Guide

With over 70 million page views to their website in February of 2024, and a nearly $2 billion valuation, Get Your Guide recently raised $194 million of equity and debt. They're growing their North America market and investing in A.I., increasing activity sales.

The OTA Experts

We don't call ourselves experts lightly. We know exactly what we're doing, and we're always learning more ways to increase bookings for each of our clients.


We don't believe in conflicts of interest. That's why we won't represent more than one type of activity (like luau, sail boat, zipline, etc) per any specific geographical or destination area. If we're already working exclusively with your type of activity in a destination, we'll be happy to put you on standby. Plus we'll send you our free 101 page book, Mastering Online Travel Agency Bookings, written by The OTA Experts. 

Get in touch

If you'd like to get in touch with us, feel free to use the form to send us a message, call us, or book a free half an hour introductory Zoom with us by choosing a date and time on our calendar at the button below.


5095 Napilihau Street

Lahaina, Hawaii 96761

Schedule Free ½ Hour Intro

During the Zoom meeting we'll go over what we do for clients, show you some stats on recent successes (with client names blacked out), and give you the opportunity to ask any questions. If you want to move forward with us, we can start the process right then & there.

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